“A pony is a childhood dream,

A horse is an adulthood treasure.”

~ Rebecca Carroll

Over the years, as a lifelong horse lover, I have collected anything and everything horsey.  From rocking horses to horse books, horse games to videos, stuffed, plush horses to ceramic and china horses.  Horse toys for horse lovers come in every form imaginable.

You don’t have to own a horse to have a fascination and love for these beautiful, graceful magical animals.  Kids aren’t the only ones that love horses – teens and adults

Rody Inflatable Bouncing Horse Pink

Rody Inflatable Bouncing Horse

One of the most popular horsey toys for toddlers, children and even adults is Rody the Inflatable Bouncing Horse.  Rody quickly earns his high rewards from both kids and adults.

This colorful toy won’t earn points for education, but he will certainly provide endless hours of entertainment.  Rody will give your child plenty of exercise while helping children learn balance and coordination.  Learn more about Rody.

Plush Rockin Rider Talking Painted PonyPlush Rock N Ride Pony

Cute, cuddly, soft plush Rock N Ride Pony by Tek Nek are the perfect gift for the little cowboy and cowgirl toddler.  They neigh, sing “I’m a Little Pony” and give off a clip-clopping galloping hoof sound with a squeeze of the ear.

These adorable little rocking horses are available in Brown, Black, Pinto and Pink just for that special little cowgirl.   Designed with safety in mind, especially for the smaller toddler.  The movement is a more gentle rocking motion, so parents should not be concerned with your toddler being bucked off.  Learn more about Rock and Ride ponies.

Kid Kraft Derby Wooden Rocking HorseWooden Rocking Horse

Wooden Rocking Horses are perfect toys for your little cowboy and cowgirl and they double as nostalgic room decorations and a family heirloom.

If you don’t have the time or talent to build your own wooden rocking horse, there is good news for you.

There are several beautiful wooden rocking horses available at affordable prices!  Learn more about Wooden Rocking Horses here.

TekNek Pink Plush Rockin Spring HorseRocking Spring Horse

Rocking Spring Horses have been one of the most popular animated, delightful horse toys for many years.  Today’s more modern rocking spring horse can be found with a smooth hard plastic covering as well as the cuddly soft plush coats.

Many are animated.  They sing, talk, neigh, whinny, and even have running clip-clop galloping sounds.  Some even have chomping sounds while  they are fed carrots!

The Rocking Spring Horses are much safer today.  The springs are covered so fingers aren’t in jeopardy of being pinched and the base frame designs have child safety in mind.  Learn more about Rocking Spring Horses here.

Horse Lover's MonopolyHorse Board Games

Some Kids never loose their obsession of Horses.  Even if they own their own horse, they still want the stuffed horses, model horses, rocking horses, horse decorations and then if all that isn’t enough, they spend their evenings and rainy days playing Horse Board Games.

My mom used to tell me that Horses came between Toys and Boys!  I think she really was just hoping I would grow out of my fascination of horses.  Most of the Horse board games give the players an education in the world of horses while offering the chance to have fun with family and mutual horse lovers.  Learn about some of the best Horse Board Games here.

Smores the Paint PonyPlush Stuffed Horse Toys

People have a love affair with stuffed animals.  Equine Lovers naturally prefer the Plush Stuffed Horse and Pony toys.

Stuffed Animals come in every size, shape and color.  Some are so tiny they will sit in the palm of your hand, while others make perfect Flopsie style floor pillows to cuddle and nap on.  For the horse lover who can’t afford the cost of feeding and keeping a live horse in their barn, never fear, there are a number of miniature horse and shetland pony size plush stuffed horses your kids will love!  Learn more about the different Plush Stuffed Horses here.

Breyer Western Riding SetBreyer® Model Horses

The Breyer® model horses are well know among all Equine Enthusiasts.  Every year more new models appear on the market while some models are retired increasing their value.

They are appreciated and known for their true life realism and breed authenticity.  Breyer® Models cover more than horses.  They have stable sets, riders, tack and accessories as well as other types of animals.  For years horse lovers have collected and valued the Breyer® Model Horse.  Learn more about Breyer Model Horses here.